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Laughlin Quin

1766 will of Laughlin Quin (Province of North Carolina) held in the North Carolina Archives.  This will was found in Governor Joisah Martin's personal papers at the outbreak of the American Revolution. The document has been retired from viewing. The photographic images shows the hemp fibers throughout the paper stock.

The Quinn Genetic Genealogy Project

Welcome to the Quinn Genetic Genealogy Project Portal.  This website is privately maintained by T. Allen Quinn the current curator, administrator, researcher and resident historian for the Quinn Genealogy Project.

Founded December 31, 2008, this website offers a single unified place to begin your research into your QUINN ancestral lineages worldwide.  The goal of the site is to offer at no cost to the user a single point of entry for genealogical research and when available to code the genetic information required to take one's family history further back in time.

This research and online publication of information is mostly always transcribed from the original documents which can also be purchased separately to give your individual family history the authenticity required to know with more certainty that the referenced documents exist and are not merely fabricated for some other purpose.  

We are very much interested in including your documented history here.  Should you wish to share your information with the rest of the world to make finding our venerable Quinn ancestors more practical please contact the project via email.  The project email address is QuinnGenealogyProject @ gmail.com. You may also volunteer to manage your own genealogical lines using the email address. Although this email address is not monitored by human means, once your email is read by our system it will be routed to the appropriate researcher for further analysis.

You should also add this email address to your address book to ensure our emails reach you in a timely manner. Should you need to send postal mail to the project, please use the following address.

The Quinn Genealogy Project
ICO T. Allen Quinn
4109 Willow Oak Road
Raleigh, NC 27604

Alternatively, you will find the project in the usual places such as:

From these venues you will be able to locate our discussions and interactions and access our YouTube channel.  Please note that those interactions get automatically updated from our blog.

Because of overlap, it is anticipated that our BLOG will be the centralized input platform for disseminating information across all of the aforementioned mediums.

Don't wait, volunteer today to manage your own genetic lines!  

The project is in desperate need of volunteers.  However, we understand that the time required to manage and respond to requests can become quite overwhelming.  Should you have the inclination to support the project we encourage you to donate any amount to the cause using Go Fund Me.

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DNA and Quinn Genealogy

The purpose of the project is to help you identify your QUINN lineage genetically as you research traditional historic records and find new places to look.  That said, you are always encouraged to ask for help.  What you will find in some cases is that what you thought you knew about your specific surname may be incorrect, or not completely accurate.

From this menu you will be able to access a wide range of information to help you discover new research pathways. If you want some help finding new places to look ask us.  

Keep watching this page as we offer a great many more ways to get at information on all the major genetic genealogy resources for the Quinn surname from a single portal.  

The Quinn surname is a very complex surname due to the many descendant surnames, many people often feel they have been somehow slighted should their name not be the first surname, or a more prominent surname within a particular perception.  Often surnames such as Coyne, Kene, Quinney, Queen, Gwinn, or Guinn are inextricably through genetics descended from the Quinn surname.  

The Quinn surname itself is a DIRECT link to Conn Cétchathach.  Due to pervasively incorrect associations in old books and;faulty genealogical "schemes" to sell heraldry and coats of arm's, or other related materials have not been fully up-front in accurately identifying the many components for devising a "true" coat of arms.

One needs nothing more than to look back to Conn in the Irish tongue to know that if you are Conn's son your are thus Cuinn. When the English anglicized Cuinn, the name therefore became Quinn.  To further complicate the real use of the surname at the time surname's became common identifiers for Clans, Tribes, Septs, general kinship and then individuals, the names were recorded based solely on one's own verbal declaration.  Depending on the "ear" that heard the pronunciation the Cuinn surname has many variations.

Currently anyone associated with Family Tree DNA knows about the developments associating the R-M222 haplogroup with a  SNP positive for DF13 (R-P312-4b) is identified by the Niall badge contained on their FTDNA Profile Page.  Niall ironically is the 5th Great Grandson of Art mac Cuinn, himself the son of Conn.

Conn reportedly had three male children and one female.  Art, Saruit, Connla and Sadb who became the wife of Conaire Cóem. Our research report that there are 5 identifiable lineages based on the genetic signatures associated with Niall.

Further, we find some association with the Cohen surname in this regard.  Conn's father; Fedlimid Rechtmar reportedly instituted the Judaic principal of an Eye for and Eye into Brehon law.

The links on the above menu will improve over time, for now, we are attempting to build something you will find useful to help YOU identify your own genetic line.  We do not care how your name is spelled.  If you want to be a part of this project and have had your DNA test done with ANY of the current, and some defunct, we can include your results in our project.

Thanks for being interested in seeing what is above, rather than what is below.  As an extra added bonus, it appears that Quinn has two prime numbers associated with genetic groupings and analysis.  The pairs of material are relatable in threes and fives.  Which is to say that there when attempting to connect people, the pairings come from strings of 3 and groups of 5's.  Important, maybe not, but interesting indeed.

Based on this we are currently working out a presentable document for this website that combines all the aforementioned genetic results.  Our issues currently relate to personal privacy through anonymization.

The source materials come from Family Tree DNA, Ancestry.com's old YDNA profile data as well as all other publically accessible sources such as YSearch.org and >mitoSearch.org.

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