Welcome to the Quinn Genealogy Resource Portal serving the Quinn Surname everywhere.  Our website is being redesigned yet again in an effort to redefine how genealogical information is provided to everyone free of charge.  

Any genealogist can tell you that the many subscriptions and fees associated with similar organizations really add up quickly and prevent many people from finding "verified" documents and accurate lineages.  

In addition to the challenges associated with deploying a website that is customized to make finding information easier, it becomes necessary to define every aspect of the site's meta information consistently to ensure the document is accurately indexed and shows up correctly within search results elsewhere.

Stay tuned.

The Reference Point

Initially around 2005 my research into my own family history caused me to begin to gather and collect all documents that contained the Quin, Quinn, O'Quin, O'Quinn, Ogwyn, O'Guinn, O'Gwyn surname and so on.  What does one do with copies of the original handwritten documents? Transcribe them, delete them, retain them, catalog them, what?  All of the above.  That task is taking much much longer than expected.  The documents in my own context are complete, but in the instance of a census document there are many names.  Should I also include those names in the meta-data?  

The moral of the story is that I believe I need to preserve them for all names listed.  This is tedious and time consuming. Also, working from the present to the past is quite confusing.  It is in this light I decided back in 2012 to begin to work from the past forward.  This has yielded many facts and new documents in every branch of my own family.

Thus the purpose of the project is now focused on discovering the lineages of the individuals listed in the book;  Illustrations, Historical and Genealogical, of King James's Irish Army List (1689)


 King James Irish Army List 1689

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